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Ąžuolyno Clinic is a private health care institution which provides treatment for various child and adult mental disorders. Upon arrival of a patient, he or she is seen by experienced mental health professionals. After assessment of general condition, treatment and examination tactics are discussed with a patient and different treatment methods and choises of treatment process offered. If patient‘s condition is not severe, outpatient care is available: a treatment plan is defined, appropriate medicines prescribed and effectiveness of the treatment during subsequent appointments assessed.

When present symptoms disrupt patient‘s social/domestic functioning and it is necessary to closely observe and examine patient‘s condition, as well as a therapeutic effect of medication, the benefits of hospitalization is discussed with a patient. In this case we are able to offer a hospitalisaton in our 26-bed clinic. Attentive personnel, comfortable single or double rooms with en suite bathrooms, sequestered teritory of the clinic, cosy terraces where patients can relax and meet their close relatives and friends create a sanatorium-like ambience. A team of mental health care professionals – psychiatrists/psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, mental health nurses and mental health social workers – is involved in a treatment process.



After inpatient treatment is completed, we offer a follow-up outpatient care with the same mental health professionals who attended to patient‘s needs and closely watched the development of his or her condition during the hospitalization period. An alternative to outpatient follow-up is a day hospital care. Upon taking this option, a patient commes to our clinic every day and returns home at night. During the day he or she consults the team of our professionals, receives a carefully chosen medicine, patient‘s condition is regularly assessed and treatment adjusted accordingly. After a day hospital care, it is possible to continue a supportive outpatient treatment, psychological counselling and psychotherapy sessions.

Our vision is to provide a wide range of services comprised of outpatient and inpatient mental health care, psychological help and psychotherapy. We seek close cooperation with a patient and his or her family; we try to meet every patient‘s expectations; we guarantee safety, confidentiality and comfortable process of treatment. Our clinic is ready to provide services 24 hours a day.

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